You Could Have A Plan. I Chose The Restaurant

Jesse John Jenkins, on set and in bed with his new best bud Matt Smith.

Matt Smith at ”Firehouse Restaurant” - April, 22th 2014

Tutti gli uomini in fondo desiderano la guerra. Essa porta con sé una semplificazione di tutto, che gli uomini sentono come un sollievo. Tutti trovano che la vita è troppo complicata.
Pär Lagerkvist

Doctor Who Tribute Daily Video.

The Doctor: Zombie  

Doctor Who Companions Daily Video.

You Are Perfect // Doctor/Companions

Matt Smith Photo + Quotes Collection.

How liberating is it to leave behind that Doctor Who coif and the bowties?

Matt Smith: I’ve got to be honest, it is quite liberating. Although I’m putting Miracle - Gro on it because I need to get it back for September to go and shoot the regeneration [scene]. But it is freeing, shaving it off. Walking round at Comic-Con, people didn’t recognize me as much. Just generally, people recognize me much less, and that’s quite nice as well, because you can be more anonymous.


DWM: Does you find interviews a bit of a chore?

Matt: Nah I don’t mind them. It’s a strange version of therapy I suppose. Oooh, look! [He’s spotted something 20 yards down the beach] Poor old Karen has just been called for another photoshoot she doesn’t want to do. I’M DOING AN INTERVIEW INSTEAD!

[He yells at her and sticks out his tongue].

Karen: I want to be interviewed!

DWM: Why don’t you want to do the photos? [She spots my tape recorder].

Karen: No, er… I do want to do the photos. I just…Um…

Matt [laughing at Karen]: Basically, get the hell out of my interview!

[On our way down the beach, we pass Karen].

Matt: How’s the photoshoot? Lots of dressing down is it

[Karen laughs]

Karen: Matt! This is on tape!


- Doctor Who magazine

Non ho nulla di nuovo da insegnare al mondo. La verità e la non violenza sono antiche come le montagne.

Doctor Who Tribute Daily Video.

the promise | Doctor who

Doctor Who Companions Daily Video.

rule one | Doctor Who

22th April 2011 - The Wedding of River Song.

♥ Happy Anniversary to River & Eleven ♥

Matt Smith Photo + Quotes Collection.

"I just want to try and make brave choices and not get too het up about ladders. Look at the careers of people like Michael Gambon and Ian McKellen. Learn your craft. I’m still rough around the edges and I want to keep on improving".

- Matt Smith



(Fonte: jumperpheasants)

Karen: We’ve spent a good chunk of our twenties on this show…

Matt: …together. We’ve developed our own language, like you do in any relationship. If I were to do this, for instance. [He starts stroking Karen’s arm affectionately] And she would go…

[Karen purrs]

Karen: No, I have to go.

Matt: Please. Don’t leave.

Karen: It’s time for me to leave.

Matt: Don’t leave. Please don’t leave.

Karen: Now, now, you’ve got to deal with this like a man. Like a big boy.

Matt: Like a big boy?! That’s disgusting! Don’t call me big boy. You’ve never done that before! [He starts stroking Karen’s hair] Stroke my hair. Reciprocate.

- Doctor Who Magazine n°452

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