You Could Have A Plan. I Chose The Restaurant

April 18, 1971

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Gli uomini che muoiono sono i figli, gli amanti, i mariti. Una donna può solo perdere in guerra, mai vincere. E a lei la guerra non dà nessun brivido di emozione.
Danielle Steel.

Luke Cage - Avengers.

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Matt Smith Photo + Quotes Collection.

Alex: On the subject of Twitter, how or why do you stay off the platform and why?

Matt Smith: Because I spend enough time looking down at my phone, and I believe that with the advent of technology we communicate less as people sometimes. I think it’s important to keep your head up, and look out at the world. I don’t know really, possibly because of my job, Twitter and Facebook aren’t the right environment for me at the moment. And it’s just not my thing. I don’t really like it, I just don’t see the point. Who cares what I am doing? Who cares!


"Do I fancy her? No, she’s my mate Kaz! I just take the mick out of her every day”.

- Matt Smith.

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Matt Smith in "How to Catch a Monster" ”Lost River”.

Quando c’è la guerra, a due cose bisogna pensare prima di tutto: in primo luogo alle scarpe, in secondo luogo alla roba da mangiare; e non viceversa come ritiene il volgo: perché chi ha scarpe può andare in giro a cercar da mangiare, mentre non vale l’inverso.
Primo Levi.

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Matt Smith Photo + Quotes Collection. Alex: Let’s talk about your like of print media. Do you think that among people in our age demographic, it is falling away quickly? Matt: I think that it is falling away really quickly. People do everything on their tablet now, or on their smartphone. They get the news, because it is immediate; Twitter is such an immediate source of news. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook or any of those things. For me, I grew up reading the papers with my dad in the morning. And we’d have breakfast together. He’d read one paper and I’d read the other and then we’d swap. I prefer the ceremony of it. And if I go out for the day, I can buy a paper, and throw it away. If I bring my tablet out, it’s there, all day, and I might lose it. Papers are just more convenient for me. I just prefer it. [X]

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